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Who Are We? Boston TechCollective is a worker-owned cooperative offering tech support and computer services to the Greater Boston area. Our approach to support is very different than most IT companies because we try to look at your needs holistically. With mobile devices, cloud services, and traditional computers mixing together, the lines between what is and isn't a computer are getting blurry. In short, we want to help you focus on your specific goals rather than just putting out the immediate fire!

We fix computers. Mac, PC, Servers, Smartphones, Tablets & More.

We support your business. Networks, servers, & computers, at your office and remotely.

We help you at homeRepairs, checkups, & tutoring for practically any technology issue you have. 

In our shop, At your location, or Remotely. At your convenience.

Join us for FREE Workshops every Thursday at 7pm!

Matt Gabrenya  Yochai Gal  Dirk Hart  Charlie Hoover  

As a co-op, each of our technicians is a part owner with an equal say in the business. You are always dealing with someone who has a personal stake in the success of our company, and in your satisfaction as our customer!

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(617) 639-1230

231 Holland St, Somerville MA 02144
Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm, Thursday 9am - 8pm